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Born in 1977, Alvaro Corrochano discovered at a very young age his passion for string instruments. His growing interest in music and craftsmanship eventually led him to art history university and the school of Violin making of Gubbio. He completed his professional training as a bow maker in Cremona while attending prestigious workshops and assisting renowned professionals.

From 2001-2014, Alvaro worked in his own workshop in Milan. His attention to detail and his passion for stringed instruments earned him recognition and trust.


In 2008 he partnered with Philippe Girardin with whom he discovered his passion in restoring fine old violins, violas, cellos, and bows.


The quest for new goals will lead him in 2014 to Julie Reed's workshop in NY. One of the most prestigious workshops in the world, where he works under the supervision of Maestro Kenichi Matano.

Alvaro Corrochano is internationally recognized as a prominent maker of modern violins, and as an exceptional restaurateur. He received in 2014 an award in the Pisogne International Competition, Italy, and was awarded the gold medal for violin at the 2017 SVA competition.

In 2020 he opens his shop in Madrid, while he keeps collaborating with leading workshops in London, Vienna, and NY.

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